Many small- to medium-size companies (and even some large ones) tend to follow the allure of using lots of online services in order to provide their online functionalities. This is a GREAT way to save money (sometimes), and it can sometimes make it possible to do very complex things with only a few clicks of the mouse. However, there are a number of potential pitfalls and even some serious security risks for your company when you use these services.

Types of online services

Exactly what are we talking about when we reference 'online services'? It involves ANY processing or storing of data by an entity other than your own. That could be things like eCommerce/shopping carts, mapping/location services, email newsletter systems, to even just storing files in 'the cloud' (i.e. Google Drive, One Drive, etc.).

With each of these services that you use, you take on challenges and even legal risks just by opening an account with the service.

Here are a few of the potential challenges/risks that you may already be facing.

With much political (and some legal) energy focused at major online services, and revelations of on-going 'manipulation' of algorithms and content display effecting the ability of content creators to get their message to those who have an interest in the content they provide, we have put together a list of service alternatives for you to consider.

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