We have been providing Joomla management services for over 15 years. That includes all aspects of running and managing a Joomla web site.

The Joomla 3 CMS is reaching end of life in August 2023 (and Joomla 5 is already in the beginning stages). If you have a Joomla 3 web site you need to get your site updated soon to ensure that it remains secure. But moving to Joomla 4 is NOT just a quick update. It requires a very careful plan to ensure that all your systems can handle Joomla 4 and then the migration needs to be done in a way that you don't break your site.

We have both the experience and the tools to ensure that your site is migrated with no down-time.

Also, this is a great time to make some updates to your template or the functionality of your site (you could save time/money if you make changes at the same time you migrate).

If you need your Joomla site migrated to Joomla 4 use the Contact Us link above or the home page button to schedule a free consultation to connect with us and help you get your site updated so it remains secure.