Paschen Communications has been serving the North St. Paul, Maplewood, Oakdale and White Bear Lake area (as well as the Twin Cities metro area and across the country) for over 20 years.

We help clients with their all their online communications needs, including:

  • Web site development & Management - including eCommerce, data collection, and other functionalities
    NOTE: We don't just build your web site - we can manage it on-going, even help you with keeping the content updated if you like
  • Online Marketing - email, social media, and direct contact

We also provide additional consulting and services in these areas:

  • Media Production - podcasting, video production, broadcast advertisements
  • On-site Technology Needs - Digital display boards, On-site audio and video systems

We provide a free on-site consultation for any of your questions related to online communications (or other areas).


Due to current COVID restrictions, and to be considerate of any health concerns you may have, we also provide free online video consultations.
We can also provide most of our services (other than on-site technology services) completely online if you choose.

Click here to schedule a free consultation

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