Paschen Communications presently provides services to the following companies (and a list of their products/services, together with the service we provide to them). These companies produce products which may also be used when consulting with or serving other clients.

Companies which we serve who also provide related services (which we may in-turn provide to clients)

We presently do not have any active relationships with other vendors (i.e. extension developers) within the Joomla community.

Affiliate Relationships

We also maintain affiliate relationships with several other providers. Paschen Communications does not earn any profits in relation to using products from one client with another unless specifically stated below. We do receive affiliate commissions when individual users purchase products and services using links on our site (as noted below); however, we do not receive any affiliate commissions when we purchase a product or service 'on behalf' of a client.

We presently do not have any active affiliate relationships with other vendors within the Joomla community.



Companies which we have served in the past (which we may or may not still provide to clients)

Dioscouri.com - (JUGA, Ambra UM/ACL, Ambra Subscriptions, AMIGOS, Billets, Fingertips, MANGA, PhpListIntegration, SCRIBA, SYNK, Content Submit, Embed, Hider, Module:Content with Plugins)

We provided Dioscouri with documentation, promotions, and technical support assistance on a contract basis in the past; however, these services are no longer active.

NOTE: Dioscouri.com is no longer providing Joomla extensions to the community.

ZOOlanders.com - (various ZOO extenions)

We provided ZOOlanders with documentation and technical support assistance on a contract basis.