A couple weeks ago we began the move of our internal sites to new servers.

As you may recall, we have made the choice to leave SiteGround as our primary server, mainly due to unreliable hosting services that have led to multiple short outages of web sites almost every day on almost every web site we manage. Additionally, over the past few weeks we had started to see problems with email accounts which we were having hosted on SiteGround.

Although our initial attempts to find a new hosting arrangement went a bit bumpy, we were able to find a hosting and services configuration that has been providing very stable hosting and much more reliable email services.

Last week we took extra time to migrate most of our internal domains as well as some whose configurations were rather involved. Although it took some extra time to get things configured properly, we've been seeing more and more that this is the best solution for us for the future.

The Effects

The best part is that the process requires no action on your part to move the web site, and migrating the email requires, at most, for you to enter a new server name and password in your email program. Other than that everything just works without any downtime of the site.

There are a number of positive effects on your account, the most important one being that we've seen most of the migrated web site show a noticeable increase in the speed of the site - both the initial page load as well as other functionalities.

The Plan

Over the next 2-3 weeks we will be moving the remainder of our internal domains as well as some smaller external domains over to the new hosting system. With over 60 additional accounts to move over, we are working on a plan that will hopefuly allow us to have everything migrated before the end of May (ideally by Memorial Day).

Even though the process doesn't cause any down time for your web site, we'll still give you a 1-3 day notice before we begin migrating your site. This will allow you to confirm that you'll be able to update the email settings on your end on the day that we make the switch and also be generally ready for the change.

All you have to do is just wait for that email to let you know that your site is up next to be upgraded.

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