Internet Communications and Marketing Consulting Services

Our services focus on using any technology available to help you meet your business or organization goals. That includes web site design and development, Internet telecommunications systems, and many other tools that become available as technologies change and your needs and audience change.

We don't do web sites

We don't just create web sites any longer. For years we've helped create web sites for many organizations. We have a lot of experience doing that, but we have learned that many groups that want a web site really haven't taken the time to identify the organizational goals related to using such a powerful communication medium. Because of this, many web sites - even ones we created - have gone dormant, because there was no clear purpose for them and no plan on how they would achieve any measurable goals.

What do we do?

We work with you and your organization to identify goals and help you develop a plan to meet those goals. Then we work with you each month to help ensure that the technologies which you've chosen meet those goals. We then work with you to make changes to those technologies and their deployment to continue the initial benefit far into the future.

How is that different from just a web site?

We don't focus on creating a 'pretty web page', we focus on creating tools that meet your goals - and meet the needs of your audience. We provide results not just a site. This is best proved by one of our recent clients where traffic has more than doubled since our recent re-make (now receiving thousands of visits per week). That same site previously received 2-3 users register per week - now it has 2-3 per DAY! By working with you to understand your organizations needs and your audience, we help turn static communication tools into dynamic avenues for interaction with your audience.

How much does this cost?

Because every project is different, with different goals, we create a custom plan and cost for you when we establish your communications plan. There are no expensive up-front costs. Our initial consultation with you is free. We then charge a flat monthly rate based upon your goals and organization size and type. That ensures that you have a monthly expense which you can easily include in your budget - without surprise costs to add new features and to fix things.

Get your free initial consultation

If you would like to find out how we could assist you meet your organizations goals using all the latest communication technologies please click here.

For Developers Only!

If you are a web developer or work in other communications technology fields and you need some expert assistance with a project you are working on, we do provide project assistance as well as training and mentoring in various technologies. Please click here and let us know what your needs are.

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