Over the past couple days we have seen reports of increased online threats to web site in general. This morning we learned that there have specifically been increased attacks (especially DDOS - Distributed Denial of Service) on Minnesota government institutions.

It appears that those who have set out to cause physical destruction within our country recently are also making specific efforts to cause problems online.

Although none of our servers are located in MN and not hosted on servers hosting government sites, the fact that these groups have been attacking mom-and-pop stores causes us to be a bit cautios about all our web clients.

Because of this we are in the process of 'boarding up' some of the 'openings' to the sites we host to help prevent, as much as possible, any malicious attacks on web sites.

We'll be adding extra security layers to sites - esp. on the admin/log-in areas of the sites. We will be sharing those details with each of you individually as we apply them.

Although we do NOT have systems in place to PREVENT DDOS attacks (those preventions can costs hundreds of dollars per month), we do have ways to limit the effects of any such attacks and we also have fairly robust systems in place already to prevent any potential defacement attacks.

Please watch your email over the next 24-48 hours for specific details in how we are securing your site.

NOTE: If we aren't presently managing your site hosting and you'd like us to do that and help to ensure your site is secure please contact us right away to get on our schedule as it is filling up fast.

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