network-cable-1More than just a 'pretty page', we can help you use the latest features of the Internet to extend your organization into places you might not otherwise be able to go.

A 'standard' web page is no longer enough to give you an effective connection with the people of your organization and those that may become part of your organization.

If your web site is just a web page, then you are missing out on the benefits of having a presence on the Internet. That little cable can be your connection to the world - or it can be the world's connection to you.

It all depends upon what you do with it.

What we offer ...

We don't create web pages. We only offer our you complete Content Management Systems that allow unlimited growth and expansion of your web site. No longer do you have to pay hundreds of dollars for 5-10 pages of text and pictures. You can now add unlimited pages to your web site without additional cost. And you can change the content yourself at any time.

Some options

  • Interactive web 'portals' to your organization
  • Social networking services
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol - Internet telephone services)
  • Live video streaming of events
  • On-site Internet filtering and management

In addition to the Content Management System structure, we bring years of experience in graphic design and programming and extensive experience in almost every aspect of Internet technologies - ensuring that what you need in a web site can be delivered.

Click here to add a full-spectrum Internet presence to your organization!

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