As we shared earlier this year, one major focus at this time is to get our hosting migrated to reliable/stable servers.

Over the past few weeks, as everyone is at home and spending lots of time on the Internet, we've been seeing more and more problems with our Siteground hosting accounts. Many web sites continue to experience intermittent (and some longer) outages for which Siteground doesn't seem to have an explanation or resolution. That is what pushed us to consider other options and the current need for reliable online systems has pushed us to move quicker on that task.

Over the past two weeks we have focused much on this issue and it looks like we have a solution ...

 Although we had originally planned to go with Amazon servers, after many attempts to make that work we found that the time required to get things properly configured and then sites migrated AND THEN the time to maintain would require us to significantly raise the prices that we were already charging for site maintenance.

We are doing some final testing on an alternative service that provides similar stability and functionality as Amazon but with a support system that is much better than Siteground (and Amazon - which is basically none). Our test so far have shown a very solid system with no down times. This new system also has shown significant speed improvements..

Last week we tested out this system with one site and this week we will be migrating several of our internal sites and services.

We will be running those sites for about 1-2 weeks on the new system and once we feel confident in the reliability of this option we'll begin migrating your site.

The process will involved a time of about 6 hours (or less) when all 'interactive functioning' (i.e. adding any new content of any kind, including user content) will be temporarily disabled; however, your site will always be accessible for viewing.

The migration process will also involve migrating email content and services (if we are providing you with email services). There will be a window of time when email might be down; however, in initial tests that has been a very short amount of time (under 1 hour).

At this point, if all goes well, we are anticipating migrating all sites by the end of April. We'll give you a specific timeline once we get through these final tests.



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