ecommerce-1eCommerce isn't just about selling a product online - it includes the entire process of creating a financial transaction - including the steps to encourage the visitor to make a purchase. And you don't have to be selling a product to put eCommerce to use for your organization.

If you have a product, service to sell or you need to collect donations for your organization, eCommerce is the umbrella technology that will help you do that. By using appropriate tools for you and your customers and visitors you can maximize the affect of eCommerce on your bottom line.

What we offer ...

We not only bring you technology that lets you sell products and services on the Internet, we also help you connect with those who are purchasing to encourage repeat business as well as ways to attract new clients and donors - at rates that commercial and non-profit organizations can afford.

Some options

  • Online product sales
  • Automated downloadable file sales
  • Automated affiliate tracking and payment
  • Donation collection and management
  • Fundraising solutions

In addition to the web technologies to deliver this to your visitors, we bring years of experience in finance as well as non-profit fundraising - helping you utilize eCommerce tools to the best benefit to your organization.

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