After over a month of testing the new server configurations on some of our lesser-trafficed sites as well as a few higher-traffic pro-bono projects we have seen HUGE improvements in the reliability and functionality of the new servers.

In addition, even when we've run into a couple problems (the normal hardware or connectivity issues that happen on all Internet-serving systems) we have found that the two main vendors (Linode and Plesk) have identified the problems and begun resolving them (or providing easy steps to resolve) before we could even respond to our outage montiors. This is a huge improvement over our SiteGround experience where it would require us to notify their technicians about the issue and it could easily take hours to get them to resolve the issue - often with them not really knowing what happened to cause the issue.

Because of the great experience we've seen with these initial migrations we will begin migrating all other sites starting May 26 with our goal to have all sites migrated by June 15. We will notify you via our ticket system to let you know when your site is schedule for migration.

What to expect - Web Site

Your site will not experience any down-time during the process WITH THE EXCEPTION that we will need to disable e-commerce and other client-data-entry systems immediately prior to the switch-over process. This will usually happen at the end of the business day and then be fully enabled the following day (i.e. disabled approx. 4pm and then functional by 7am). Additionally, we may ask you to not make changes to the web site during that same time frame.

The only other thing that you should exepct to do is to help in the process by reviewing the web site after the migration. Every once-in-a-while there are some configurations that get changed from one server to another and that only effect very unique, and less prominent areas of the web site. If you notice any of those just report them via our help@ email or ticket system and we'll get those resolved right away.

What to expect - Email

If we provide you with email service related to your domain, then you will need to update your email settings in your email programs. This only involves chnage 2-3 fields per email account and then restarting your email program. The details will be sent to you via a ticket update and you'll need to make those changes on the day after the migration. Once you make those changes you should be all set and everything should be functioning like before.

HOWEVER, please be aware that our new system uses a different (more industry-standard) spam filtering system. This means that you will see spam messages in your email program. They should go into the spam folder, but you may have some 'slip through' the system. It may take a couple/few weeks before the new spam filter system is properly 'tuned' to handle and process spam on your email account. Instructions on how to do that will be provided during your migration.

What's next?

Watch your email for an alert from our tiket system giving you the schedule for your site's migration. Additional information will be provided there.


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