Just a quick update about the next MAJOR version of Joomla. The beta rounds are done and the final testing rounds have now begun. Based on previous major releases, which are not always a good benchmark, but the best we have, I would expect that we will see the stable release of Joomla 4 soon after the first of the year. Once that happens we'll begin testing and getting ready for migrations. At this point I would expect that we will be using Joomla 4 for new web sites in spring of 2021 and performing most Joomla 4 migrations of existing web sites during the summer of 2021.

One of the most important improvments in Joomla 4 is it's ability to integrate with mobile apps. Related to that, we're in the process of establishing a team that will be able to provide mobile app development to directly integrate with your Joomla site.
Joomla 4 also brings a very nice 'editorial workflow' option that allows you to establish a very structured release process of content creation, editing, review and release - especially helpful if you have a larger team working on content, but can also be helpful for smaller teams that are creating lots of content and want to keep it organized in the release flow.

We'll keep watching the progress of Joomla 4 and let you know about that as new milestones happen.

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